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Staking guard

Facilitating Safe Staking
for Institutions

Delivering compliant blocks to institutional Ethereum validators, providing protection against legacy compliance risks and native onchain threats
Trusted Block Building
Creating a safeguarded pipeline for execution layer rewards via the Solidus Relay and Solidus Builder.
Institutional-Grade Security and Compliance
Robust, high-performance, low-latency protection at the prechain level against legacy compliance risks (e.g. OFAC SDN, sanctions, CFT, CSAM) and native onchain risks (e.g. scams, exploits, and hacks).
Protected from variety of risks
Powerful Reporting Tools and Audit Trail Logs
Providing reporting capabilities to streamline monitoring and audit requirements consistent with institutional standards.

Staking partners

Leverage Leading Institutional Staking Providers
Solidus integrates with industry-leading institutional staking partners to seamlessly provide safe and compliant staking for institutions
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Navigating Risks in the Staking and Block-Building Ecosystem
Secure your copy of Solidus' whitepaper on the legal, compliance, and technical aspects of Ethereum's staking and block-building technologies
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