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Nofar Berenstien
Technical Support Manager
I joined Solidus because I was curious about crypto. I've been here at Solidus for a year and a half now, and I really enjoy my time here. We had a crazy year where we built a team, procedures and integrations with the other teams and the customers. I can’t wait for next year where we will have new clients and new features. 
Or Levy
Backend Engineer
When I came to the office for my interview I felt a good first connection, I felt comfortable, and the hiring managers spent time getting to know me as a person and that is what attracted me to Solidus. I feel that the company is in the right size where I can learn a lot, I get to work on many parts of our systems, I’m being challenged and I have influence. I love the people here in Solidus, we have a good culture.
Thibault Reuille
Director of DeFi Security Research
At Solidus Labs, I have the privilege of managing a dream team of research engineers. Our culture is straightforward: we speak our minds and give direct feedback, which I highly value. One of the advantages of working at a startup is the opportunity to collaborate with all departments, creating a dynamic and motivating environment. Being surrounded by risk-takers makes the work even more engaging.
The transition from traditional markets to crypto is happening now, and our company plays a crucial role in making crypto more secure.
Mohan Puttamadaiah
Senior Algorithmic Developer
As an algorithm developer at Solidus Labs, my team and I get to build the algorithms behind our product from scratch. It’s a cool job. I originally came from the tradfi industry, so working in a startup is completely different. Everything here in Solidus is at a high speed, and that is great. The amount of work I’ve done in one year in Solidus, takes three years in a big bank. You can make a big difference in a small company like Solidus.
Hanne Staertzel
Operations Manager
What drew me to Solidus was the commitment to making the industry safer - even in those early days. As one of the first to join the founders, I focused on HR and operations, but quickly learned that in startup life the opportunities for growth are endless. Over time I worked on marketing, I closed some of our first deals and even experienced customer success and strategy. I got to travel, learn a ton, meet amazing people and truly build something. I couldn’t think of a better experience, and I couldn't imagine where I'd be today if I didn't make the leap.

Our Values

Everything we do, we put our SOULidus into


Solidus is a crypto-native company - heart, body, mind and soul.
In everything we do, our deepest commitment is to enabling the immense potential of digital assets, crypto and DeFi to make finance more accessible, transparent, fair and efficient. Bull market or bear market, crypto winter or crypto summer, we’ll be there, doing everything we can to help crypto fulfill its promise.

Finance is for people

It’s easy to forget it with all the numbers, spreadsheets, charts and jargon, but finance is first and foremost about people, and crypto is an opportunity to put humans back in the center of financial services. Before we’re entrepreneurs, practitioners or crypto evangelists - we are people who care about other people, and want to make lives better.

The audacity factor

In crypto, unbelievable is the new believable. You cannot change the world without the chutzpah to believe you can do things better than they’ve been done so far. We rather take audacious actions, shoot for the moon and land among the stars, than play it safe.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant

Most of what’s wrong in the financial world - crypto or traditional finance - happens in the dark, and is enabled by unclarity, dishonesty and opaqueness. Our technology sheds light into digital asset markets to make crypto safe, and our commitment to honesty, transparency and communication - so open that it’s almost blunt - flows through everything we do.

Open Positions

We are a tight-knit, global team where each member, regardless of role or title, makes a direct impact on our products and delivers exceptional value to our clients. We take pride in consistently punching above our weight, transforming industry challenges into unparalleled opportunities for professional growth and learning.

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