Market Surveillance and
Transaction Monitoring
Tailored for Digital Assets

Comply with regulatory requirements and minimize compliance overhead using Solidus’ machine learning-powered, crypto-native manipulation detection models and a one-stop-shop hub to manage all of your compliance streams

Digital assets create unprecedented challenges for compliance teams.

For financial service providers, compliance was never easy. Digital assets introduce major hurdles, including:

  • Increasingly complex trading workflows
  • Unfamiliar and non-standardized data structures
  • New crypto-specific fraud and manipulation typologies
  • Evolving regulatory landscape and intensifying enforcement

When using legacy compliance solutions, the results are often high false-positive rates, inflated operational overhead and unreliable threat detection.

Solidus’ solutions take compliance into the 21st century. Scroll to learn how.

Product Specs
Product Highlights

ML-Powered Monitoring and Surveillance

Leveraging the power of machine learning, Solidus offers powerful threat-detection engines that reduce false-positives by at least 30% and provide smart probability scores for better compliance decisions. Dynamic detection models are critical to tackling new and unknown forms of manipulation introduced by digital asset trading.

Product Highlights

Crypto-native, Designed For Finance 2.0

Solidus' Compliance Cloud was designed to address the unique challenges of compliance and manipulation detection in digital asset trading. Crypto-native means integral blockchain connectivity, accommodating crypto data, enabling real-time detection and reporting and extensive customization to address dynamic regulation and compliance strategies.

Product Highlights

Consolidated, Integrated Case Management

Solidus’ open platform gathers all your compliance feeds into one fully-customizable dashboard for comprehensive alert management, investigation and reporting. Utilize Solidus' machine learning-powered transaction monitoring and market surveillance alone or alongside other vendors, while seamlessly integrating additional external and internal feeds.

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