Solidus Labs – Trade surveillance for cryptoassets

Trade surveillance tailored for digital assets

Designed by former Goldman Sachs FinTech engineers, Solidus' market surveillance platform utilizes machine learning to help detect, address, investigate and report market manipulation in digital asset trading.

With Solidus’ solution our clients - including digital asset broker dealers, market makers, hedge funds, centralized and decentralized exchanges - reduce risk, increase transparency, minimize costs and work towards compliance.


Legacy surveillance systems aren’t suited for digital assets

Solidus utilizes the power of machine learning and infrastructure uniquely designed for blockchain-based trading to provide a solution tailored for the future of finance


Solidus’ Trade Surveillance Platform

Combat digital asset manipulation, minimize regulatory risk, protect your reputation and reduce operational costs

Solidus Labs – Trade surveillance for cryptoassets

Better, More Intelligent Alerting

30% less false positives

ML-powered detection with constantly improving efficacy and ability to detect and adapt to new forms of manipulation

Probability scoring enables smarter compliance decisions



Comprehensive Case Management

Collaborative and fully customizable alert management capabilities

Track, manage, escalate and ultimately audit concerns based on your internal needs

Solidus Labs – Trade surveillance for cryptoassets

Solidus Labs – Trade surveillance for cryptoassets

Multi-layered Customizability

Modify and adjust everything: Case management workflows, alerts dashboard, detection sensitivity

Use back-testing to tweak models and best reflect your firm’s priorities



Streamlined Regulatory Reporting

Generate and submit standard report formats (OATS, MiFIID II, CAT, SAR) or design reports based on your requirements

Easily amend and resubmit rejected reports to reduce back-office work

Solidus Labs – Trade surveillance for cryptoassets

The potential of cryptoassets is enormous.
So is the risk of non-compliance.


Total enforcement and private actions related to digital assets in the last two years, and growing fast


At least, in fraud and manipulation fines in the US since 2012


Individuals and companies barred or suspended by FINRA, CFTC and the SEC in 2016



Our Partners


Cool Cousin
– Itay Nagler, Co-Founder & CEO

"As a company ambitious about blockchain and crypto, we sought out a partner that could help turn a vision into a practical work plan. Solidus exceeded and still exceeds our expectations thanks to their unique ability to meticulously and patiently balance potential and reality - a rare find in a space filled with shortsighted opportunists."


– Drako Kerdemelidis, Co-Founder & VP Strategy 

"Solidus' technical knowledge of traditional finance, blockchain and regulatory work was key for the successful implementation of our vision - a compliant and efficient digital payment system."


– Wyatt Mufson, Co-Founder & CTO

"Working with Solidus is a pleasure. Their professional and technological insight made our product possible."




Solidus Labs – Trade surveillance for cryptoassets

Asaf Meir
Founder & CEO

Asaf is a FinTech and blockchain professional, particularly within the field of financial markets. A seasoned product manager and programmer, he has a decade of experience working in startups and corporations, most recently at Goldman Sachs. Entrepreneurial-spirited, Asaf has been turning ideas into products that engaged millions of users over the years. He is a sought-after blockchain expert and an advisor for numerous blockchain companies.

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Solidus Labs – Trade surveillance for cryptoassets

Praveen Kumar
Co-Founder & CTO

Praveen has been building financial systems from the ground up for more than 15 years. An esteemed FinTech expert he has managed global teams while working in India, London and most recently in NYC for Goldman Sachs. His hands-on approach allowed him to master a variety of technologies and business domains. Specifically, Praveen has led complete system overhauls to accommodate regulations such as MiFiDII, Tick Size and RegNMS.



VP Product

Shimon is an experienced FinTech engineer, most recently developing low-latency, scalable and secure equities trading platforms at Goldman Sachs. An avid traveller and proponent of grassroots initiatives, he has worked on microfinance and economic development projects in Africa and the Americas. Born in Ukraine and raised in Israel, he is fluent in both Russian and Hebrew. At Solidus Labs he is our very own blockchain ninja and resident hacker.



A prolific journalist turned marketing strategist Chen has a proven track record of building narratives that promote initiatives and build supportive communities. In recent years Chen has developed many strategic partnerships which allowed him to successfully raise capital for various organizations, including his own non-profit project engaging thousands of college students across the U.S.




As a partner in a private investment fund Carmel has worked with young companies for the past eight years. She also served as Director of International Activities at Tel Aviv University’s Entrepreneurship Centre and Head of Business Development for Impact Investing Israel. Formerly, she worked for Beilink, the International Consultancy and Strategic Investment firm helping clients enter and maintain positions in emerging markets. Carmel is a member of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Program. 




A Cornell University-trained PhD in Mathematical Physics, Sadrach is an expert in big data modeling, machine learning, AI software development and deep learning. His thesis examined statistical models for predicting photochemical reactions, advancing science’s understanding of photosynthesis. Sadrach is a recipient of the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship (NDSEG) and Posse STEM Scholarship. A native of Brooklyn, he enjoys fiction, art and history, as well as reading machine learning literature on the NYC subway. 



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