Introducing Crypto-Native Compliance

Tailored Market Surveillance That Makes Compliance Better, For Less

Orchestrate all your compliance operations in one place using a SaaS solution tailored for the challenges of modern finance. Digital asset-native, mL-powered, cloud-based, unified and fully modular
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In crypto, compliance and integrity equal growth.

Our mission is to make crypto compliance easier, and better.

We help our clients reduce operational cost by 10-20%
We help our clients reduce compliance hours by 17%
We help our clients reduce false-positives by 20-30%

Consolidated & Unified

All of your compliance needs in one place

Avoid working on seven or more siloed systems. Our unified case management dashboard seamlessly integrates all compliance streams into one single hub, enabling more efficient workflows that save time, and powering holistic risk scores that reduce risk.

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Modular & Customizable

Your strategy, your budget, your choice

Our suite of solutions cover everything from onboarding to reporting. No need to to commit to an expensive solution right off the bat - pick Solidus Labs' modules that answer you most pressing needs, fit your budget and work with your timeline.

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Smarter &

Tailored for finance 2.0, designed for humans

Crypto-native infrastructure powered by machine-learning models and state-of-the art data and security configurations provide more precise detection with less effort. And it's ll packaged beatifully in a welcoming, intutitive, & fully costumizable dashboard.

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The Solidus Labs Brief: Digital Asset Market Surveillance, Compliance & Regulation Updates - March 2020 -

March 3, 2020

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Nine Startups Named to FinTech Sandbox Demo Day Lineup

February 21, 2020

FinTech Sandbox has revealed nine FinTech startups chosen for Demo Day 7.0, to be hosted at Moody’s Analytics offices on April 2nd, in conjunction with New York FinTech Week. Demo Day is an opportunity for a select audience to go under the hood of robust technologies solving the industry’s most pressing challenges. Firms will showcase products developed. They are: Solidus Labs’ cloud solutions allow financial institutions to orchestrate all their compliance needs in one unified, digital asset-native and ML-powered hub.

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Tackling digital asset compliance and market manipulation is not a one-company job. We’re proud to lead this effort alongside visionary partners who are changing the face of finance.