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Safeguarding Your Crypto Business

The category-definer for crypto-native
triple T (3T) market integrity solutions -
trade surveillance, transaction monitoring,
and threat intelligence

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Setting the Standards
for the Financial Markets of Tomorrow

“Solidus’ passion and commitment to unlocking the potential of the crypto industry is inspiring, and their work provides critical elements paramount for safe crypto growth.”

Christopher Giancarlo
Former Chairman, US CFTC

The Crypto-native DNA

New challenges call for new solutions
Crypto exchanges, financial institutions and regulators globally rely on Solidus HALO - our real time, comprehensive, testable, and future-proof platform. Safeguarding their business from known forms of market abuse and a plethora of emerging crypto-specific risks, we enable our clients to grow faster - and safer

25+ Million

Entities Protected

Safeguarding 25 million retail and
institutional entities globally

1+ Trillion

Daily Events Monitored

Actively monitoring
1+ Trillion events per day

50+ Typologies

Uniquely Tailored for Crypto

Deploying 50+ market abuse typologies,
Including crypto-specific risks
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Trading Intent -Revealed

Ensure market integrity by benchmarking abnormal crypto orders and execution patterns against the market norm
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Vet Transactions -
24/7 and in Real-time

Detect, investigate, and report suspicious crypto deposits and withdrawals for AML, sanctions and financial risk compliance

Reduce Clutter,
Onboard Faster

Streamline external-facing onboarding processes and internal application verification workflows with our comprehensive, intuitive and easy-to-deploy platform

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