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Break Free from
Legacy Constraints

Built from the ground up
to address the new challenges
presented by crypto and DeFi

Solidus' Crypto-Native Algorithm Design

Trade at scale across any venue, blockchain, and digital asset, relying on Solidus' detection technology to seamlessly overcome crypto’s numerous unique data constraints
Comprehensive Coverage
Effectively monitor risks cross-product (e.g. spot and derivatives) and cross-venue (e.g. external market data from major crypto exchanges), all within an intuitive Market Inspection tool
Synthesize numerous signals and alerts into unified cases, replacing convoluted processes and repetitive tasks. Detect, investigate, and report suspicious alerts within a single platform at the click of a button
The Crypto-native Difference
Built from the ground up to address the
new challenges presented by crypto and DeFi
Venue Agnostic
Blockchain Agnostic
Asset Agnostic
System Architecture
Data Usage Costs
Timely Deployment
Solidus Labs
Pattern recognition focus
Legacy Vendors
market data focus
Deep Crypto and DeFi Expertise
Robust, high-performance, low-latency protection across the entire digital asset lifecycle – offchain, onchain, and prechain. HALO is your powerful line of defense against crypto crime, fraud, and market abuse
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Cross Onchain and Offchain Detection Technology
Synthesize numerous onchain and offchain signals within Solidus HALO to detect overlooked threats and act upon them in real-time.
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The only solution that covers offchain, onchain and prechain to combat crypto crime, fraud and market abuse

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