The 2022 Rug Pull Report

Everything you need to know about crypto and DeFi scams

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2023 Crypto Enforcement Trends: 
SEC & CFTC Set Records as States Take the Lead

Solidus Labs Research
Everything you need to know about crypto and DeFi scams
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Scam tokens deployed per year

Key report findings

Over the past five years, rug pulls have ballooned from a small problem into a major epidemic, with scam token developers stealing billions of dollars from millions of retail investors. In our inaugural Rug Pull Report, we share original data, research, and case studies to help you understand this emerging money laundering problem.

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  • Why the vast majority of rug pulls have evaded detection under traditional approaches to scam identification
  • The seven types of scam tokens, how they steal from users, and how many investors they've harmed
  • How token scanners can help regulators, blockchain platforms, and crypto companies combat money laundering

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