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Web3 AML Solution

Prevent Money Laundering
From Smart Contract Scams

Actively Monitoring
4012342 Tokens
and 587182 Scams
Solidus Labs is changing the way crypto businesses approach AML risk. With HALO Threat Intelligence, you can easily avoid being exposed to compliance risk by continuously monitoring fraudulent funds derived from smart contract scams.

Identify Scam Tokens at Scale

Continuously scan token smart contracts using cutting-edge screening technology, flagging exploits with unprecedented speed and accuracy.
HALO Scam Alert

Stop Malicious Actors from Taking Advantage of Your Platform

Deploy a preemptive layer against bad actors violating your platform by empowering your compliance team with real-time Web3 AML alerts.
Platform protected bu HALO

Safeguard Your Business from Regulatory Enforcement Risk

Protect your organization from avoidable anti-money laundering compliance risks. Future-proof your platform by staying ahead of emerging scam typologies and DeFi threats.
Protected from variety of risks
HALO + TokenSniffer

Built for Accuracy
at Scale

Solidus Web3 AML solution combines crypto-native market surveillance capabilities and know-how with smart contract scanning technology.

Proprietary on-chain and off-chain datasets developed by our experts are enhanced with Solidus’ recent acquisition of Token Sniffer.

Our solution provides you with an unprecedented level of transparency and confidence in your compliance posture.

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