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Crypto Transaction Monitoring

Detect suspicious on/off-chain crypto deposits and withdrawals

Analyze crypto<>fiat transactions in a single platform
Stay ahead of emerging crypto and DeFi threats
Streamline your compliance workflows
Trusted by crypto compliance teams and regulators globally
Combine on- and off-chain analysis to detect suspicious transactions
Ensure anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism financing, and anti-fraud compliance. Analyze crypto and fiat risks in a single platform.
Stay ahead of emerging crypto and DeFi threats
Future-proof your platform with crypto-native transaction monitoring algorithms. Protect your users from DeFi fraud and a plethora of emerging crypto-specific risks.
Streamline your compliance workflows
Simplify your case management and regulatory reporting processes at scale. Minimize risk exposure; alleviate your workload.
Identify orders, executions, and DEX trades that defy the market norm
Detect, investigate, and report suspicious crypto deposits and withdrawals
Scan millions of token contracts to identify fraudulent fund flows
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