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Detect, investigate, and report suspicious crypto
deposits and withdrawals for AML, sanctions
and financial risk compliance
In today’s technology-entrenched world, countering illicit activities requires harnessing the latest world-class digital solutions from leading industry players such as Solidus Labs. In our long-term efforts to maintain the highest standards of screening and due diligence, CoinDCX is committed to bolstering compliance solutions on our platform.
Neeraj Khandelwal
Co-Founder & CTO, CoinDCX
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Benefit from the only platform built from the ground up for crypto’s risk monitoring challenges, taking into account crypto-specific volatility, volumes, data types - and changing business and regulatory requirements
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Control detection sensitivity with unprecedented precision using fully configurable advanced Model Back-Testing features, ensuring you only receive alerts based on your compliance strategy - reducing false positives and maximizing efficiency
Safeguard Your Business
Monitor behavioral attributes at a single account level against a plethora of emerging crypto-specific risks using our cutting edge machine learning models. Protect users from crypto and fiat fraud and minimize regulatory exposure and enforcement risk
Connect all Dots into a Universal Client Risk Profile
Aggregate risk across your clients’ entire investment journey - from onboarding to trading, post-trade and everything in between - with our Universal Client Profile, synthesizing multiple signals into a single market integrity hub. Solidus HALO enables you to surgically surface overlooked threats and act upon them in real time
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