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Real-Time Trade Surveillance Across Onchain and Offchain

Detect, investigate, and report suspicious trading patterns in your order book and DEX trades
Trusted by crypto compliance teams and regulators globally
Market-agnostic Trading Pattern Detection
Harness the crypto-native detection technology built to cover trading across any market or blockchain for maximum integrity, scalability and flexibility.
Cross-Product Multi-Venue Market Inspection
Effectively monitor your trading across products (e.g. crypto spot and derivatives), and venues (e.g. external market data of major crypto exchanges) with powerful insights and visualizations tools.
Client-controlled Model Testing
Client-controlled model testing, enabling you to create, run, and implement what-if scenarios and back-test changes using historical data straight from the platform – all automated, in real-time, and codeless on your front end.  
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Cross Onchain and Offchain Detection Technology
Synthesize numerous onchain and offchain signals within Solidus HALO to detect overlooked threats and act upon them in real-time.
Ben El-Baz
Managing Director
"Solidus Labs' on- and off-chain detection algorithms, coupled with a holistic compliance platform, align perfectly with our vision."
Julian Tehan
Chief Compliance Officer
"The extension of our partnership with Solidus will help us safeguard our platform, protect our customers, and meet evolving regulatory expectations."
Imogen Bester
Market Surveillance Lead
"Using the right solution, like HALO, helps us embed our own reputation, especially since regulators already see it as a preferred tool."
The Crypto-native Difference
Built from the ground up to address the
new challenges presented by crypto and DeFi
Venue Agnostic
Blockchain Agnostic
Asset Agnostic
System Architecture
Data Usage Costs
Timely Deployment
Solidus Labs
Pattern recognition focus
Legacy Vendors
market data focus
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The only solution that covers offchain, onchain and prechain to combat crypto crime, fraud and market abuse

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