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Ensure market integrity by benchmarking abnormal crypto orders and execution patterns against the market norm

Solidus Labs’ crypto-native design will further enable us to ensure that as more customers rely on Bittrex to engage with virtual currencies, we continue to maintain the highest levels of trust and safety. Solidus’ innovation in risk monitoring makes it a natural partner for us.

Mike Carter
Chief Compliance Officer, Bittrex.

Operate in a 24/7 Real-time System Environment

Receive alerts on potential breaches of trading rules, unusual behaviour or market volatility in real-time, supported by an intuitive alert workflow management system
Model Optimization

Optimize Your Detection Models Performance

Create, run, and implement what-if scenarios and back-test changes using historical data straight from the platform in a fully audited environment. Control detection model sensitivity optimized to your individual needs

Reconstruct the Market with Powerful Visualizations 

Uncover trade patterns by plotting account activity against market events, enabling your analysts to quickly and easily apply contextualization and compare potentially abusive scenarios to normal market behaviour

Connect all Dots into a Universal Client Risk Profile

Aggregate risk across your clients’ entire investment journey - from onboarding to trading, post-trade and everything in between - with our Universal Client Profile, synthesizing multiple signals into a single market integrity hub. Solidus HALO enables you to surgically surface overlooked threats and act upon them in real time

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