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Market Surveillance And Transaction Monitoring

A New Par‎adigm
for Risk Detection

Unprecedented precision and holistic detection that's quick to deploy, easy to use and regulator friendly

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Satisfies licensing requirements

Designed with regulators to ensure fulfillment of risk monitoring requirements and crypto licensing regimes, regardless of jurisdiction.

Covers traditional & crypto Threats

Out-of-the-box coverage of all common abuse typologies: From known schemes like wash-trading and spoofing to crypto-specific threats like cross-market manipulation.

Enhanced by machine learning

Rule-based detection is augmented by ML-powered behavioral based analysis. Detects suspicious anomalies and learns over time.

Designed for crypto

No adaptation required for crypto trading systems, reducing operational overhead, analyst hours and false-positives.

flexible fully testable models

Client controls detection model sensitivity, and can test changes with historical data in fully audited environment.

Fast Deployment

State-of-the art connectivity and infrastructure tailored for crypto allows integration and calibration within weeks.

Advanced Auditable Model Back-testing

Prioritize what to detect

Control the sensitivity of ML detection models to receive alerts based on your compliance priority, reduce false positives and focus on what matters.

Market vs. account Inspection

Tie Account & Market Events

Explore the interaction between account and market events on a granular level.

Made to Empower Crypto Compliance Teams

Sophisticated ML-powered detection models are just the beginning. Solidus' alert investigation dashboard makes sure nothing remains in the dark.

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Full order book reconstruction snapshot for context and orientation, alongside complete alert details with easy navigation to related accounts, alerts and cases.

System-generated plain English descriptions of each alert allow quick investigative orientation and launching and concluding investigations faster

Examine details of individual trade and transaction events that triggered a compliance alert; Replay events in order to reconstruct incidents.

Advanced alert visualization tools allow investigators to forensically examine each incident with utmost granularity, or utilize powerful contextual elements for the big picture.

Make Sure You're Prepared.

New data structures, volatility, 24/7 global markets and evolving regulation are just a few of the compliance challenges introduced by digital assets. Solidus' tailored market surveillance makes sure you're prepared.

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