The Solidus Cloud: New Crypto-Native Paradigm for Compliance Teams

Detect threats with machine learning powered surveillance and monitoring

Solidus ML models reduce false positives by up to 30%,  provide smart probability scores that power smarter compliance decisions, and make sure that you’re prepared for the unknowns of crypto manipulation and compliance.

Reduce inefficiencies and on-boarding pains with a crypto-native SaaS solution

18 decimals? Non-standardized data? 24/7 markets? Trading digital assets means new workflow complexities, data structures, unknown manipulation typologies and other compliance challenges. Solidus was designed to handle it all.

Consolidate work into a unified risk monitoring and case management hub

Compliance teams often work with as many as 20 siloed vendors across separate vectors. Solidus consolidates all internal and external data feeds into a single risk score and monitoring dashboard, to ensure you have the full picture.

Customize and optimize everything to reflect your compliance strategy

Customize to your preference on every layer – from case management workflows and permissions, to reporting formats and algorithm sensitivity. Build the best service for your clients with confidence that the Solidus Compliance Cloud can keep up.

Select Features

ML-Powered Unified Surveillance

Unified Transaction Monitoring

Unified Case Management

All Common Alerts Covered: Spoofing, Layering, P&D, Wash Trading and dozens more

Anomaly-based Detection of Unknown Crypto-specific Manipulation Concerns

Integral Connectivity to third-party Crypto and traditional KYC/AML Services

Unlimited Integrations

Seamless Regulatory Reporting

Comprehensive Internal Reporting/auditing

Shared Surveillance Network

Unlimited Back Testing

Advanced Investigative Toolbox

Web-based SaaS Solution

Multi-Layered Customizability

14 Years Historical Data Storage

Crypto-Specific Capabilities

Fully GDPR Compliant

Enterprise-grade 24/7 Support

Our Clients

Buy side or sell side, crypto-newbie or finance veteran – Solidus is already working with clients like you worldwide to tackle manipulation and advance compliance

Under the hood: Blockchain-Native Infra Powered by Machine Learning

Adaptable Detection Engines

Proactive detection models that adjust, improve and become more efficient with time, rather than reactive, rule-based models based only on known manipulation schemes. Machine-learning enables responding to unknown threats as they occur, based on clustering, segmentation and cross-referencing thousands and more data points in seconds.

Probability-based risk scores

With probability scoring, unlike rule-based thresholds, compliance teams receive smarter alerts that don’t just point out something happened, but also how likely it was to have been a manipulative occurrence. Individual clients can create different probability standards for different assets classes, arenas, clients and scenarios, avoiding unnecessary alerting and reflecting internal priorities.

Near-real Time Alerting

Solidus’ machine learning engines are constantly active, continuously processing new data as it arrives, and buttressed on a top-of-the-art tech stack enabling fast processing alerting. That’s critical to providing an effective response to digital asset markets that operate 24/7, globally. For compliance and trading teams, it means the ability to respond to market integrity challenges immediately, rather than only retroactively.

Native support for digital asset data

Support for smaller decimals large amount of trades per minute, low latency messaging buses and the ability to process non-standardized data, among other features.

Integral blockchain connectivity

Whether you’re operating a centralized or decentralized entity, Solidus’s software has all the blockchain capabilities you’ll need: Integration to chain analysis platforms, blockchain readability, and more.

A system that evolves with regulation

With a dynamic regulatory landscape that’s set to change over the next few years, Solidus’ flexibility is critical to ensure no surveillance system overhaul is necessary each time a new regulation is implemented. Instead, customize and tweak report formats, tweak model sensitivity and restructure investigation workflows.

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