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Solidus Labs Joins LëtzBlock: Fostering Innovation and Integrity in Luxembourg's Crypto Hub

Solidus Labs
May 16, 2024

Solidus Labs is proud to announce our membership in LëtzBlock, a recently formed Luxembourgish association dedicated to advancing a safe, regulated, and integrity-driven blockchain ecosystem. This groundbreaking initiative unites leading crypto professionals with the shared goal of promoting responsible innovation and shaping a robust legal framework for the industry.

A Unified Voice for Crypto in Luxembourg

LëtzBlock represents a significant step forward for the Luxembourg crypto ecosystem. As Biba Homsy, LëtzBlock President, states, "This association is an opportunity for professionals within the Luxembourg or European crypto space to gain a deeper understanding of the market and its offerings."  LëtzBlock offers a crucial platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and advocacy, ensuring a unified voice for the industry when engaging with regulatory authorities.

Building a Sustainable and Attractive Crypto Hub

LëtzBlock focuses on three key missions:

  • Growth & Advocacy: LëtzBlock promotes industry growth and supports stakeholders through enhanced dialogue with Luxembourgish and European authorities.
  • Legal Clarity: LëtzBlock advocates for a robust legal framework, including regulations, taxation, and corporate law, to provide a more robust environment for our industry.
  • Attractiveness of Luxembourg: LëtzBlock showcases the crypto-professionals who position Luxembourg as a dependable hub for both B2B and B2C sectors.

Solidus Labs: Committed to a Safe and Secure Crypto Future

Chen Arad, Solidus Labs' CXO and Co-Founder, emphasizes the importance of collaboration in today's evolving crypto landscape: "Especially with MiCA's upcoming rollout bringing crypto-specific regulations, it's crucial for good actors in the industry to work together. We need a unified voice to establish compliance and market integrity standards. We're excited to collaborate with industry leaders to unlock crypto's potential while mitigating its risks."

Solidus Labs is proud to join LëtzBlock alongside other leading crypto organizations. We believe this association will play a vital role in shaping a future where crypto innovation thrives within a safe and secure regulatory environment.

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