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Introducing Solidus HALO

Solidus Labs
March 24, 2022

Today, Solidus Labs is thrilled to officially unveil HALO — Solidus’ crypto-native trade surveillance and market integrity hub. Built from the ground up to bridge the gap between crypto and traditional finance, HALO provides Wall-Street grade crypto-native regulatory risk and compliance solutions.

Combining cutting edge machine learning technology and decades of traditional financial risk and compliance know-how, HALO is uniquely tailored to address the “triple T” (T3) pillars of market integrity — trade surveillance, transaction monitoring, and threat intelligence — in the crypto and DeFi space.

Beyond its state-of-the-art crypto trade surveillance and transaction monitoring capabilities, HALO includes a built-in onboarding verification solution and unifies numerous risk data points in one system in order to provide real-time threat intelligence and a universal risk view. Just as important, it takes user experience to the next level, empowering risk and compliance teams and allowing crypto businesses to grow faster and safer.

HALO currently protects more than 25 million retail and institutional investors globally, and is actively used to monitor over one trillion events per day. The platform deploys over 50 different proprietary market abuse typologies, shielding investors and safeguarding crypto businesses from new threats unique to the crypto and decentralized finance space.

To learn more about HALO and its launch, see the full press release.

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