GDF Hosts Solidus Labs for a Webinar: Crypto Market Surveillance - Next Stage in Crypto Compliance, Integrity & Growth

May 20, 2020

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Over the past few years, the Solidus Labs team has been hard at work together with exchanges and regulators globally, who are using our crypto-native market surveillance tools to stymie crypto manipulation and promote market integrity. In this webinar, COO Chen Arad will share with the Global Digital Finance community our key insights, and discuss why crypto market surveillance is so critical for crypto growth.

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The webinar touches on the following questions:

- What is crypto market surveillance (and how is it different from KYC/AML and onchainanalytics)?

- Why is more than 90% of crypto trading volume considered potentially manipulative?

- Why is crypto market surveillance so different from traditional asset surveillance?

- What are crypto-specific manipulation schemes and why machine learning is socritical?

- How are regulators globally making market surveillance a licensing requirement?

- How Solidus Labs helps crypto exchanges and regulators detect and preventmanipulation?

- Last but not least- why is crypto market surveillance the next stage for crypto growth?