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DACOM Singapore 2024 Panel Recap: Growth Through Integrity

Solidus Labs
April 16, 2024

DACOM Singapore 2024, convened on March 19th, spotlighted Singapore's role as a vanguard in the evolution of crypto regulations. This gathering of minds delved into the realms of compliance, the burgeoning DeFi sector, and the trajectory of digital assets. Amidst a backdrop of relentless innovation, the crypto market's quest to cement trust remains paramount. The panel was made up of distinguished figures in the crypto sphere to explore the strategies crypto platforms are employing to underscore market integrity, thereby propelling growth and bolstering trust within the crypto ecosystem:

  • Dias Malayev, Head of Investigations at BitMEX
  • Christopher Liu, Chief Compliance Officer at Matrixport
  • Ekta Singh, Head of Financial Crime Compliance APAC for Rapyd in Singapore
  • John Kee, Head of Market Surveillance at Binance
  • Moderated by Justin Lin, Customer Success Manager at Solidus Labs

Blending TradFi Wisdom with Crypto Vigilance

Dias Malayev from BitMEX discussed the evolving landscape of crypto compliance, emphasizing the application of traditional financial (TradFi) anti-money laundering (AML) strategies to the crypto sector. Leveraging on-chain data for enhanced transaction monitoring and fraud investigation, Malayev highlighted the sophistication of modern criminal activities, including the use of decentralized exchanges and services resistant to sanctions. He stressed the importance of holistic risk profiles, combining on-chain and off-chain data, and the benefit of the public ledger in identifying and preventing scams. Malayev advocates for adaptable compliance frameworks that are responsive to the innovative challenges and opportunities presented by the crypto industry.

Evolving Regulatory Challenges and Strategic Compliance

Christopher Liu from Matrixport highlighted the evolving challenges in crypto compliance, contrasting his initial skepticism with his current engagement in the dynamic crypto industry. He detailed the significant shift in regulatory landscapes across countries, emphasizing the necessity for adaptive compliance strategies that balance innovative approaches with traditional financial controls. Liu underscores the importance of collaboration within the industry, regulatory clarity, and the effective use of technology to enhance compliance programs. This approach aims to support the growth of the crypto business while ensuring market integrity and customer trust.

From Traditional Banking to Crypto Compliance Frontlines

Ekta Singh shared her journey from a 15-year tenure in traditional banking, notably with Citibank, to navigating the complex terrain of cryptocurrency compliance, culminating in her current role as the head of financial crime compliance at Rapyd. She emphasized the critical transition to crypto compliance, where understanding blockchain, keeping updated with fluid regulations, and employing a risk-based approach are paramount for ensuring market integrity and organizational prosperity. Singh highlighted the necessity of innovation in compliance strategies, the challenges posed by the emerging DeFi sector, and the importance of collaboration with regulatory bodies to foster an ecosystem conducive to growth and safety. Her narrative succinctly captured the essence of adapting to the dynamic crypto space, balancing risk management with innovation, and the ongoing efforts to combat fraud and ensure regulatory compliance within an industry at the frontier of financial technology.

Ensuring Fair Play in Crypto Trading

John Kee, in detailing his role at Binance, emphasized his team's dedication to monitoring cryptocurrency trading activities to guard against market abuses like spoofing and wash trading, leveraging his extensive experience in traditional finance and operations at entities such as the Singapore Exchange. Transitioning into the crypto sphere with a focus on off-chain surveillance strategies, Kee outlined the implementation of comprehensive internal controls and third-party surveillance to ensure the trading platform's integrity. He highlighted the deployment of advanced surveillance mechanisms, including compulsory self-trade functionality and prohibitions against excessive messaging to maintain market fairness. By adopting a multifaceted approach to market surveillance, integrating both technological solutions and regulatory compliance strategies, Kee illustrated Binance's proactive efforts in establishing a secure, transparent, and equitable trading environment, thus reinforcing the platform's commitment to market integrity and the safeguarding of participant interests.


The DACOM Singapore 2024 discussions emphasized the essential role of integrity in the crypto market's development. Insights from leaders like Dias Malayev, Christopher Liu, Ekta Singh, and John Kee highlighted the need for a clear, fair, and strong crypto environment. By integrating traditional financial principles with crypto innovation, embracing regulatory changes, and focusing on market surveillance, the event presented an optimistic outlook for a crypto future built on trust and integrity. This gathering of experts provided a guide for overcoming future challenges and underscored the joint effort needed to create a thriving crypto market, supported by solid compliance and a commitment to integrity. For the full replay of this panel discussion, and to explore content from other DACOM Singapore 2024 panels, be sure to visit here.

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