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Citigroup Research Names Solidus Labs a Category Definer for Crypto Market Surveillance

Solidus Labs
March 20, 2021

Citigroup's research arm, Citi Global Perspectives and Solutions (CitiGPS), listed Solidus Labs as a category definer for digital asset market surveillance, in a comprehensive report on the institutional adoption of Bitcoin and digital assets released yesterday.

In the report, CitiGPS maps (page 38) existing pre-trade, trade and post-trade bitcoin services critical for institutional investors, including data, indexes, brokerage, exchanges, custody and - compliance, where Solidus Labs is listed as the category definer for crypto market surveillance. Solidus is the only market surveillance solution named in the report, recognizing its technological leadership in enabling crypto service providers and regulators to monitor for market manipulation and other trade risks, promoting market integrity in the space as whole.

CitiGPS' map of critical services for institutions investors in digital assets, listing Solidus as a category definer for crypto market surveillance.

The 108 page report, titled Bitcoin at a Tipping Point, provides an extensive survey of Bitcoin's history over the past decades leading to its recent institutional and mainstream success. In preparing the report, a team of analysts and researchers interviewed leading experts from the crypto and traditional financial industry, and examined market data and adoption trends. The report covers the maturation of the industry, various usages of Bitcoin from a payment value to a store of value, regulatory developments and their impact on the space, institutionalization as well as challenges like market integrity concerns, liquidity and price discovery.

Other firms listed in the compliance section include blockchain analytics leaders CipherTrace, Chainalysis and Elliptic, which focus on AML compliance.

Solidus Sync
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