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Calling all Women in Crypto — Be Celebrated!

March 8, 2022

Today, Solidus Labs joins companies around the world in celebrating the 111th International Women’s Day (IWD). As a collective, Solidus Labs reflects on what it means to “break the bias” — the theme for this year’s IWD. More specifically, the voices at Solidus Labs discuss what breaking the bias in crypto, and in the crypto market as a whole, looks like.

Which prejudices are we looking to break, and why is that important? Let’s discuss!

We hear it all the time and we see it all the time — women are often in the minority in the crypto space, especially when it comes to decision-making roles. However, this imbalanced ratio doesn’t often get discussed and usually isn’t directly addressed. The industry is not as diverse or inclusive as it should or can be and the root causes for these disproportionate numbers are often swept underneath the rug.

Proportionately, women don’t hold their fair share of key positions in this male-dominated sector and often don’t feel like they have a voice at the table. Inclusive hiring is one of the most visible trackers we have to ensure that teams are balanced, representative and inclusive; and yet, hard numbers and data is not readily collected by companies, let alone shared publicly and analyzed. 

We believe crypto is fundamentally inclusive, and so women should be equally represented in the industry’s workforce. Investing in the professional growth and development of women in crypto is fundamental to the integrity of the industry and we, at Solidus Labs, are committed to this principle.

At Solidus Labs we have frank and open conversations about these issues. We want to tackle these biases head-on and take outcome-driven actions. We are building a positive environment that is inclusive by empowering the women in our company to speak, act, and be an example for other women in crypto.

Also, we are hiring globally! Please help us do better by making crypto more inclusive, equitable and accessible. Review our job openings here.

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