Bridging Traditional Finance and the New Digital Economy

About Solidus


Solidus is here to help bridge traditional finance and finance 2.0 by creating market surveillance and compliance infrastructure tailored for digital assets.

Who We Are

Solidus Labs was founded by a team of veteran Wall Street FinTech engineers. Our leadership has 20 years of experience building and maintaining complex financial systems for some of the world’s largest institutions, as well as working daily with regulators to adapt as compliance needs evolve. Learn more about our team and life at Solidus on LinkedIn and Instagram.

What We Do

Solidus offers a machine learning-powered surveillance, monitoring and compliance cloud solution tailored for digital assets that’s forward-looking, and focused on making the job of compliance and surveillance professionals easier.

How We Do it

Our product helps digital asset firms detect, investigate and report market manipulation in digital asset trading efficiently, lowering costs, minimizing false positives and reducing regulatory risks. How? By taking a crypto-native approach, utilizing machine learning and constantly thinking how we can make the lives of compliance teams easier.

Why “Solidus”

First appearing in 301 AD and widely circulated by Constantine I after 312 AD, the Solidus was the late Roman Empire’s gold standard coin. Minted using advanced technologies for the time, variations of the Solidus were consecutively used across the known world for almost a millennia after it first appeared. We believe digital assets, minted today using a different kind of advanced tech, will have an even greater impact on humankind.

Why We’re Here

The Potential of digital assets

We believe digital assets can transform financial markets, making them more accessible, decentralized and efficient and liquefying formerly illiquid assets. That’s what finance 2.0 is about.

Groundbreaking finance needs cutting edge infra

We believe capital markets powered by groundbreaking technology like blockchain and digital assets call for specialized groundbreaking infrastructure.

RegTech is a Bridge for Innovation

We believe that for digital assets to fulfill the potential, regulators and innovators must work together and that it’s the role of RegTech companies to help bridge between them.

Daylight is the best disinfectant

We believe in transparency, or as Justice Louis Brandeis once said: “Daylight is the best disinfectant.” That’s particularly true in today’s digital assets space and our products aim to shed daylight into blockchain-based trading.

Taking Financial Culture into the Future

We believe that finance 2.0 is about taking the financial industry into the 21st century. Not just technologically, but also in terms of values, work culture and social awareness.

Compliance doesn’t have to be a pain

We believe that compliance, and in particular trade surveillance, can be smooth, efficient and pleasant. A good surveillance system has to be user-focused and make the life of compliance and surveillance professionals easier, not harder.

ML is the key to combatting trade manipulation

We believe that for a trade surveillance system to truly be suitable for the dynamic, 24/7 operational digital assets trading ecosystem, it must be able to provide real-time responses and constantly adapt. Machine learning is the key.

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