Solidus Labs Brand Guidlines

a guide to our visual identity, what it stands for, and how to fit our core brand assets together in our visual communications


By choosing our primary color -Solidus' yellow we hope to illuminate Wall Street and traditional finance with
a yellow beam of shining light.

Primary Colors:

Solidus Yellow
White Smoke
Solidus Black
Solidus Light Yellow
Royal Navy

Additional Colors:


Our typography, like our company, is moving in the space between the traditional, the future aspirations and the present, while keeping in mind aesthetics and accessibility

Primary typeface

Source serif pro bold - 700


Barlow light - 300

Typeface for running text

Founded in 2018 by a team of Goldman Sachs FinTech engineers wiwith the mission of enabling safe and regulated crypto marketsand bridging traditional finance and crypto

Nunito sans light - 300         Nunito sans Semi Bold - 600

Correct use of color and typography:


Architectural patterns represent the industry we work in.
Our industry is monumental and historic, yet looks forward and aspires to use the latest technology advancement to leave a mark for generations to come.

Visual System

Our Visual System is designed to represent our core brand values
The Baseline
Order and Consistency
The Grid
Shedding Light
The Glow
The Halo
Light and transparecy
The Shades