Unified Risk and Case Management

A One-stop-shop
to Manage Crypto Risk and Compliance

Avoid overlooked threats and operational headaches. Manage your compliance intelligently in one unified, intuitive and collaborative hub tailored for digital assets



You know what data points, visuals and trends you need to keep tabs on risk. Solidus provides all the key insights, and lets you build the compliance dashboard best suited for your methods.

Automated Risk Management Reporting

Report with a Click

Design your own risk reports or select commonly used template reports. Generate PDFs and other formats at will to provide detailed management or team reports.

Intuitive Dessign for Streamlined Work

As Easy as Drag-and-Drop

Link cases, tag colleagues, combine alerts, flag false-positives, escalate and resolve faster. Solidus Labs offers human and team-focused design that make compliance feel as easy as e-mail.

A Uniform Interface for All Compliance Risks

Combine Solidus' proprietary market surveillance and transaction monitoring with deep integration to KYC/AML, onchain anlytics and other data signals - to rule them all from one dashbaord

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Customize and select the statistics and visualization most critical for your big picture

Breakdowns or alert and case workload based on risk levels, team ownership, alert type and more to help you monitor for workflow bottlenecks and unclog them

Generate productivity reports to understand hurdles and inefficiencies, and how to release them

Follow top risk per symbols, traders, accounts, coin pairs and more data points, in order to see what parts of your operations generate risk and advise compliance strategy

Identify rises and decreases in risk across accounts, manipulation schemes, kinds of alerts and more factors, to help anticipate where risk is headed and never get caught off guard

Start Managing All of Your Risk in One Place

Intelligently monitor risk trends within your organization, and manage smart teams that close investigations faster

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