Retail & Institutional Client Onboarding

Client Onboarding, Streamlined and Decluttered

Simplify bureaucracy and provide clients with a pristine onboarding experience, using a development-free and easy-to-integrate solution

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Everything in one place

No more messy PDFs, confusing e-mail attachments and multiple depositories.
A unified dashboard to track all new client requirements seamlessly.

Customizable branding

Show off your company's branding right from the client journey's beginning, with easy-to-use visual customization.

Customizable workflows

Utilize out-of-the-box workflows and onboarding steps based on best practices, or create customized new fields and requirements.

Deep Integration

Seamlessly connect KYc, AML and other critical onboarding checks using Solidus Labs' plug-and-play integrations capability.

Bridges onboarding and risk monitoring

Onboarding data integrally connects to Solidus Labs' Unified Case Management and Market Surveillance solutions, for a complete compliance journey.

Complete Audit Trail

All onboarding data and communication is automatically documented in an auditable format, in case of investigations or regulatory inquiries.

Beautiful client-facing platform

Onboard with style

A fully-branded external-facing platform to welcome your new clients. Easily customize both branding and fields.

Integrated onboarding and case management

A Complete Journey

Onboarding insights and risk scores integrally plug into the case management workflow, for streamlined investigations and quicker resolutions.

Onboarding Headaches - Solved

Turn convoluted e-mail threads, PDFs and files into an organized process that leaves you - and your clients - less confused

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All applications via the external-facing onboarding platform are organized in the back-end dashboard for easy review.

In turn, all of those factors are calculated into a total account risk score, which plugs directly into case management and investigations.

Multiple quick actions available directly from the dashboard, for smooth resolutions of onboarding challenges:

  • Send a message
  • Request additional materials
  • Request additional checks
  • Link accounts with ongoing investigations, or create new cases

Application summaries consolidate all of the materials submitted by each client during the onboarding process, including automated 3rd party security checks.

In cases of failed checks or unusual risk scores, manual checks can be easily conducted, directly via the dashboard.

Onboard More Clients Faster and Safer

Don't let the complexity of verifying new clients slow your business down

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Cut costs and reduce risk

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