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Retail and Institutional Client Onboarding, Streamlined & Decluttered

Streamline external-facing onboarding processes and internal application verification workflows with our comprehensive, intuitive and easy-to-deploy platform

As Rialto's customer base, pipeline, and operational connections continue to expand, the Solidus platform provides us with the ability to scale effectively and meet the challenges of a rapidly growing business.

Joel Steinmetz
COO, Rialto

Manage Everything In One Place

All onboarding insights, KYC/AML and other risk indicators integrated into our unified platform for streamlined vetting and quicker resolutions. No more data silos and numerous systems to handle

Empower Your Team

Initiate, vet and resolve applications end-to-end directly from within the platform and empower your team with fully-automated and intuitive dashboards. Replace convoluted processes and eliminate repetitive tasks by accessing all documentation from one place - your single source of truth

Delight Your Clients

Welcome your new clients with a pristine onboarding experience, using a development-free and easily customizable white-labeled client interface that includes everything you need for onboarding. Reduce time to onboard by up to 90% with auto-populated onboarding schemes tailored to any client entity
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Connect all Dots into a Universal Client Risk Profile
Aggregate risk across your clients’ entire investment journey - from onboarding to trading, post-trade and everything in between - with our Universal Client Profile, synthesizing multiple signals into a single market integrity hub. Solidus HALO enables you to surgically surface overlooked threats and act upon them in real time
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