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Former Top Regulators Chris Giancarlo, Brian Brooks Invest In Crypto Risk Monitoring Startup Solidus Labs

Forbes Crypto & Blockchain Interviewed our CEO and Co-Founder, Asaf Meir, and former CFTC Chairman and Series A investor, Christopher Giancarlo for an exclusive following our press release about our $45 Million Series B funding round this morning. “Solidus Labs offers a suite of tools, which monitor more than 1 trillion trading events per day and parse blockchain data for over 50 different kinds of security threats, such as wash trading, spoof transactions and pump and dump schemes. ‘If you believe as an investor that crypto, DeFi, Web 3 are going to continue to grow, you need to build healthy pipelines for this industry. This is exactly what Solidus is doing,” says Asaf Meir, Solidus’ founder and CEO.”

May 12, 2022

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