Solidus Labs on the Digital Asset Report

Solidus Labs
May 5, 2021

FInTechTV's Lawrence Wintermeyer hosted Solidus Labs for a conversation about everything crypto risk monitoring.

Watch to hear more about:
  • Citigroup listing Solidus Labs as category definer for crypto market surveillance
  • Manipulation trends in crypto markets in the 2020 vs. 2017 bull runs, and the challenges crypto introduces to surveillance
  • How crypto-native market surveillance is helping the industry grow
  • Crypto cross-market surveillance and what can the industry do to enable a U.S. crypto-ETF
  • Gary Gensler's appointment as SEC chair and what his record at the CFTC may mean for crypto
  • Why is crypto more scrutinized than traditional markets?
  • Where is crypto regulation headed, globally?
  • And how is the Talmud related to all of this?

Watch the full interview:

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