The potential of cryptoassets is enormous.
So are the risks of manipulation and non-compliance.

Lacking trade surveillance can cost millions in fines, reputational damage and operational burdens.
The challenge is greater in cryptoasset trading, due to complex trading systems, regulatory uncertainty and high rates of abuse.


Solidus' blockchain-native trade surveillance
mitigates these three major risks:

Solidus Labs – Regulatory


Though the legal and regulatory landscape of cryptoassets is shrouded with uncertainty, there's no question that it would include surveillance requirements. Non-compliance can amount to millions in fines.

Solidus labs – Operational


On average, financial firms allocate 10-15% of their HR to compliance efforts, adding up to enormous costs. When it comes to surveillance, impercision, false-positives and ineffective workflows inflate work volumes and accordingly, costs.

Solidus Labs – Reputational


A single case of fraud or manipulation can tarnish the credibility of a firm and severely hurt business. Particularly when it comes to cryptoassets, which are treated with suspicion.


"If you think compliance is expensive,
try non-compliance"

— Former US Dep. Attorney General Paul McNulty


Numbers: The Cost of Non-Compliance

$300,000,000, at least, of fraud and manipulation fines were paid to US regulators since 2013


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