Sales Development Representative

Solidus Labs is looking to hire an independent and ambitious Sales Development Representative to play key roles in our growing sales team. The SDR will be responsible for identifying and creating new qualified sales opportunities in Target Accounts, and handing them over to account executives. 

The Position

We are first and foremost looking for passion, hustle-eagerness and a desire to grow with the company and learn whatever it takes to get results. A successful SDR will be a strong candidate for promotion and other opportunities within the company.

The SDR will be responsible for executing Solidus Labs’ outbound sales strategy, with success being measured on the ability to prospect and qualify new leads, start conversations with those leads, and push them through the sales pipeline to account executives. She or he will be required to become an expert on our products and the challenges our clients face, in order to serve as a trusted resource for prospects, acting as their initial point of contact with Solidus Labs. Working closely with the sales and marketing teams, the SDR will be expected to provide insights from client conversations, identify pipeline bottlenecks and challenges, and suggest solutions and creative ways to continuously improve the sales process. Impeccable organization, strong research capabilities and meticulous consistency will also be critical for success in this position.

As a young and ambitious company in an extremely dynamic space, any candidate must be responsible, accountable, organized, have a self-starter attitude, and be willing to get their hands dirty with day-to-day work that might be out of their official scope, while keeping an eye on their goals and the big picture.

Finally - Solidus is a thought leader on crypto market integrity and financial compliance. Our products, ideas and advocacy work are changing the financial industry’s landscape. Therefore, the ideal candidate must be passionate about Solidus’ work, vision and values, since she/he will play a central role in furthering their depth, reach, and impact.


  • Outbound lead prospecting and research: Conduct continuous market research to identify potential qualified clients and contacts within those companies, in line with Solidus’ sales goals and strategy.
  • Outbound lead generation: Reach out to prospective client leads by e-mail, phone or other means of communication, to schedule intro calls.
  • Hold intro calls and qualify leads: Independently speak with prospective clients to understand their challenges and whether Solidus can help, while closely keeping with Solidus Labs’ sales process and qualification criteria.
  • Support account executives on mid-funnel deals: Once qualified, schedule more advanced discussions with prospective clients and ensure smooth handoff to account executives, while continuing to support the deal as needed.
  • Documentation, data persistence and effective analytics: Work based on Solidus Labs’ defined sales process and meticulously document and utilize the CRM to ensure data is kept properly and the process is followed, while constantly looking for ways to optimize the process.
  • Develop outbounding language and messaging: Work with the sales and marketing team and Solidus Labs’ leadership to continually develop the company’s sales messaging for different clients, respond to new challenges and industry developments, and close more deals.
  • Ongoing support: As needs shift and hurdles arise, be prepared to offer support to the executive, marketing and product teams. This can include a wide array of tasks, from news-gathering and social media or helping prepare a room for a meeting on one day, to representing the company at a conference the next day.

Required Skills

  • Self-starter attitude, a keen eye for identifying challenges and finding solutions, and a constant desire to improve processes and practices
  • Strong research capabilities, necessary for identifying clients and anticipating needs based on market development
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills. An ability to read a room, carry a conversation, develop a connection with a new person quickly, and a genuine care to what are clients’ needs and concerns
  • Strong language and writing skills in English absolutely necessary. Other languages including Mandarin, Korean and Japanese can be a large advantage 
  • A decent ability to understand and convey technical concepts in order to be able to effectively carry conversations with clients independently
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office suite and Google Suite tools - necessary
  • Experience working with CRMs and marketing automation software, including Pipedrive, Salesforce and Hubspot -preferred

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