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Crypto Businesses & DeFi Protocols

We help safeguard a growing list of crypto and DeFi business use-cases:
Crypto exchanges
Broker dealers and prime brokerages
OTC desks, liquidity providers and trading firms
Payment and remittance services
Blockchain-powered financial service providers
Decentralized exchanges - DEX
Protocols and decentralized platforms
Digital securities and token issuers
Tokenized platforms
Lending and staking platforms
Web3 protocols and layers
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations - DAO
Wallet providers and custodians
VASP - Virtual Asset Service Providers
NFT issuers and marketplaces (Non-Fungible Tokens)
ATS - Alternative Trading System
Stablecoin Issuer

Financial Institutions

We help safeguard financial institutions as they increasingly expand into new revenue opportunities offered by digital assets:
Investment/Commercial and neo banks
Wealth and asset managers
ETP/ETF issuers
Financial consulting firms
Venture capital funds
Family offices
Hedge funds

Regulatory Agencies

We offer regulators tools to create transparency, enable innovative regulatory frameworks and ensure safe and regulated crypto financial services in their jurisdictions:
Government agencies
Securities, commodities and market regulators
Central banks
Banking regulators
Enforcement agencies
Legislative bodies and policy makers
Cross-border and international financial regulatory organizations
Standard-setting organizations
Payment and remittance regulators
Self-regulatory organizations - SROs

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